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Captured in Watercolor


March, 2017

The Friends of the Amherst Town Library Professional Artist Exhibit in March will be featuring watercolorist Jennifer Cook. Artworks will be on display March 1- 31 at the Amherst Town Library located at 14 Main Street in Amherst. The public is invited to the Opening Reception on Sunday March 5 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

With no formal art degree, Jennifer took her first watercolor painting class six years ago with Kevin Dadoly through the Souhegan Cooperative night school where she discovered her love for watercolors.  She found the classes fun, but admits she wasn’t very good in the beginning.  “The beginning pieces were not very good, but I learned something new each class and improved. Kevin is a great teacher.  With watercolor painting, you have no real control over the paint.  It goes and flows how it wants.  You have to accept it and be patient if you want a strong painting.  When I paint well, there is just painting. My brain isn’t racing or cluttered with a million things. I am centered. There is nothing better than the feeling I get when I am painting.”

Jennifer likes to paint a variety of subject matter ranging from still life to boats and landscapes. She likes to paint with heavy granular paints the best.  Her work doesn’t look like a typical watercolor as it is so heavy and gritty.  She will often layer or glaze several coats of paints on an object to achieve the desired texture and look.  She likes to paint bigger pieces as they enable her to add the details she finds important to the piece.   She wants to share what she finds beautiful with others through her paintings.