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Mission & Vision


Connecting people, stories and ideas.     (revised April 17, 2017)


The Amherst Town Library is an essential, innovative community service and an accessible resource for people of all ages and backgrounds, enhancing our quality of life and affirming our sense of community.

As Trustees and Staff we strive to accomplish the library’s mission and commit ourselves to the following:


Library services will be guided by a sense of caring with consideration to the needs of the individual and the community at large.


Technology will maximize access to information resources. The staff will respond enthusiastically to changing community needs and demands.


The Library will contribute to the overall quality of community life by its commitment to quality in the development, selection and delivery of materials and services to library users. A wide variety of educational and leisure resources in accessible formats will meet diverse community needs.


The staff will conduct themselves in a manner that creates confidence among library users and the community.