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Whether it's a house, furniture, stone wall, puzzlebox or birdhouse, you can find how-to-books in our collection that will give you the fundamentals to start your project.

Your own stories, thoughts, and language are the stuff of writing.  Come and browse our "write stuff" display of books and get inspired to write those summer stories- of swimming, of stars, of travel, of gard

The sun, the sand, and the salty sea.  Summer is a great time to hit the beach whether for a day or a longer stay.  Take along a beach inspired read, an audiobook for the car ride there, or some tunes.    Eve

June 30th is Social Media Day!  #SMDay. With that in mind, why not check out a book on this ever-present phenomenon? According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 68% of American adults use Facebook!

Any time is a good time to celebrate but June has some special offerings. Weddings are big in June as are graduations. Anniversaries and birthdays abound. Of course, there is Father's Day and Flag Day but above all June is when we get to celebrate summer. So Celebrate!

The  Industrial  Revolution  took  place  over  more  than  a  century,  as  production  of  goods  moved  from  home  businesses to  machine-aided  production  in  factories.   This   revolution involved   major   changes   in   transportation,   manufacturing,   and   communications,   and tran

"Behind every great man, there's a great woman." Right? What if history was told through her eyes?

Check out these titles and learn about everyday heroes who pursue their dreams and passions to achieve success in many different aspects of life.  Especially remember our veterans in the month of May!

Like April showers that bring May Flowers, so “may” these books shower you with a new author to enjoy.