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Fall in love with September! Bake apple pies, jump in leaves, get schooled, warm up with a sweater, take a walk, and begin anew and thrive as you say a long good-bye to summer...

Great reads for the love of the game, all about football’s history and controversies, and of course the New England Patriots.  Like it or love it, it’s game time! 

Football teams score by catching a good pass in the end zone. Library patrons score by catching a good read in the "end" zone.

The world of medicine is a fascinating place!

Writing and art have been intertwined since time immemorial, but even as separate disciplines, they are natural kindling for each other: whether a work of art is the creative jump-start for a novel, a research source or a structural element in the plot.

On August 4, 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were found murdered in their Fall River home.

For 125 years, the question of whether or not Lizzie Borden "killed her parents with 40 whacks" has been the subject of a schoolyard chant, an opera, and numerous made-for-TV movies.

Melvil Dewey largely created library science and is known as the "Father of Modern Librarianship." Without the Dewey Decimal System, each library would have to create its own system at vast expense.

Whether it's a house, furniture, stone wall, puzzlebox or birdhouse, you can find how-to-books in our collection that will give you the fundamentals to start your project.

Your own stories, thoughts, and language are the stuff of writing.  Come and browse our "write stuff" display of books and get inspired to write those summer stories- of swimming, of stars, of travel, of gard

The sun, the sand, and the salty sea.  Summer is a great time to hit the beach whether for a day or a longer stay.  Take along a beach inspired read, an audiobook for the car ride there, or some tunes.    Eve