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Library Reads: May 2016

This is your monthly reminder that the Library Reads List is out! Don't forget, you... More ›

Thank you, Nellie W. Perkins Society

There are a whole lot of shiny, brand new trains running on the tracks of the "... More ›

Read with us!

Our teen book group, the Popcorn-and-Oreo-Eating Monsters (or P.O.E.M.) has... More ›

Art on Display

Museum Passes

Amherst Town Library offers free museum passes and discount coupons for local and Boston-area museums to Amherst Town Library cardholders. More ›

Support the Library

Donations from individuals and institutions allow the Library to update and increase collections, provide special events and programs for the community, and make building improvements. More ›

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Reading List

If you want to save a list of items you’ve checked out, login to your account and select “maintain reading list” under “preferences”.