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We had so much fun on Monday, learning about Brook, our reading therapy dog!  Monica Smith, Brook's handler, talked to us about the things Brook needed to learn to be a therapy dog, and then we were treated to seeing Brook demonstrate some of her obedience and agility training.  Of course, we end

The world of children's literature has always provided us with some stellar historical fiction---think Johnny Tremain, Little House on the Prairie, and The Witch of Blackbird Pond among others.  Currently, we're seeing a resurgence of great books for children that are firmly

Yes, it's that time again---February vacation, when those of us who are NOT traveling to warm, wonderful places....pretend that we are! 

Kids, and adults, too!----Come down to the Children's Room anytime between Feb.

Come on down to the Children's Room to choose a book from our current display of "Good Books".  It's an eclectic mix of wintry-themed books for all interests and reading levels, so you're sure to find something for every reader in the family...and while you're at it, cuddle up with our enormous t

Make sure to visit the Children's Room to check out some of our wonderful collection of holiday books.  Find your old favorites, and discover some new favorites!

On a chilly fall afternoon, the Friends of the Library set out all the materials for constructing sno-globes out of glass jars, and assisted dozens of children as they created beautiful holiday decorations.  The idea was to display them here in the Children's Room, and we were lucky enough to hav

This month our Families Read Together book group (grades 3 and 4 with parent) got together to discuss the classic story James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.  After a great talk about the various characters, the way they behave, and the ways they change (or don

Last Saturday, we hosted an "American Girl Doll Photo-shoot" here at the library--and a fabulous time was had by all.  Children brought their dolls (with lots of outfits!), and we supplied several different "scenes" to use as backgrounds for their photos.  As we printed the photos, the kids creat

Every Tuesday afternoon, we hear the thunder of feet coming down the stairs to the Children's Room---it must be Minecraft Time!  Many of the children who arrive have literally RUN all the way from school to get here, and, after a quick drink of water, they're ready to get down to the serious busi