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Teens help to make Harry Potter Day a success!!!

Maddie Daniel poses as an escaped prisoner from Askaban in this photo taken... More ›

Teens "Build a Better World" for the Kids!

A group of ten energetic, creative teens gathered at the library on a Monday night... More ›

The Latest Reads...from the P.O.E.M book club for teens

The P.O.E.M. (Popcorn and Oreo-Eating Monsters) book club gets together on the... More ›

New Arrivals

Teen Space Book Club

Join the Popcorn-Eating Monsters Book Club!

We do more than just eat popcorn...

Book club members (grades 7-9) get together to talk about the latest young adult fiction, host parties, and help out with a few library chores! Email Miss Sarah or call 603-673-2288 for info.