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Our teens gathered last Friday for a special, after-hours event at the library.  They were tested on their arcane knowledge of the world of Harry Potter, and boy, do our kids know a lot!!  It was very difficult for Miss Sarah and Miss Lisa to find questions that were hard enough to keep them chal

Make sure to stop by the Young Adult area of the library to see the fantastic new 3-D work by Amherst students at Souhegan High School.

Maddie Daniel poses as an escaped prisoner from Askaban in this photo taken Saturday, Oct.

A group of ten energetic, creative teens gathered at the library on a Monday night to build a cardboard world for our young patrons to explore and decorate.  Coming up with more ideas than we thought possible, they got right to work and transformed the room!  The room will be open for kids to exp

The P.O.E.M.

For the last few months, our Young Adult area has been a temporary Art Gallery for several high-school artists.  Now it's our middle-schoolers' turn!  The area has once again been transformed--this time with the bright colors of the 8th Grade Pop-Art Selfie project, and with individual artworks b

The Young Adult area has once again been transformed by the art of our Souhegan students!

This time, the Souhegan AP Art class was challenged to complete an assignment loosely based on the art of Sol Lewitt.  Come in and view the amazing results!

Read one of the spooky, spine-chilling books on display  in the Young Adult section of the library...but don't blame us if you can't sleep at night!

Find your selected title on a cart in the Young Adult area on the main floor. If you don’t see it on the cart simply place a hold on the title you’re looking for.

The teen program is off to a running start in the Young Adult area.  We're well on our way to having more registrations this year than we had last year---yay, teens!  With our raffle box already filling with "book bucks", next week we'll be pulling some names and calling the lucky winners of some

It's almost time!! Don't forget to come in and register for Summer Reading--the fun begins next week--Monday, June 20!  For details, see our Teen Summer Fun page here.

Our teen book group, the Popcorn-and-Oreo-Eating Monsters (or P.O.E.M.) has decided on a "group read" for this month.  Although we usually gather to talk about all of the different books we've been reading, this  month we're all going to read the same book-- Minrs

At the latest meeting of the Popcorn and Oreo-Eating Monsters (otherwise known as P.O.E.M.!!) we shared our opinions about the latest books we're all reading.

We have a new exhibit of teen art in the library, this time from the Amherst Middle School.  Students Madeleine Clement, Sydney Levesque, Bella Blood, Julianna Torres, and Cheyenne Reynolds have contributed a variety of two-dimensional works while Jaye Griffin is exhibiting three-dimensional scul

We are a dedicated group of readers who love to talk about the books we're discovering.  Our interests are as varied as the books that we read, but we find plenty in common to talk about.

Come to the Young Adult department at the library to see some very cool art!  3 teams of Soughegan High School students went to work with a variety of found objects to create 3-dimensional wall sculptures, and we think the results are amazing--the walls of the YA section are popping with color!

Come and check out our delightfully creepy book display in the Young Adult area...just in time to get yourself in the mood for the Halloween season!

Our teen programmed surpassed previous years in so many ways this summer---more kids registered, more active participants, more attendance at programs, and WAY more books read!!!  WOW!!! What a great summer!  Thanks to all who participated!

This week our teen's reached their 300 book reading goal and as promised we will be raffling of a Beats Pill and a Fitbit on Friday (the last day of summer reading)!

On a warm summer evening, Nora Armstrong came to the library to instruct our teens on creating their own acrylic paintings. 

We're off to a great start with our "Unmask at Your Library" summer program. Nearly 70 kids have registered, and we've already raffled off Orange Leaf and Dunkin' Donuts gift certificates!

The Young Adult department is full of good books! Come and choose one from our display, or grab a great title from our New Books, Isinglass, Flume or regular shelves... Make sure to add a sticker to the display, letting us know which Good Books you love!

Come to the Young Adult area of the library, and check out our selection of LOVE-themed books.  Whether you're in the mood for funny or serious, sci-fi or fantasy, you'll find some wonderful books that explore

Yes, we have expanded the shelving area for our young adult collection!  All of those overcrowded books are heaving a sigh of relief--as are the librarians who were constantly challenged to find room for them...

Come on down to the library to sign up for the Teen Summer Reading Program! 

The "Popcorn-eating Monsters" Teen Book Club got together to go and see the movie adaptation of the book "Divergent" by Veronica Roth.  All the club members had read the book, including Miss Sarah, and we wanted to see if we'd approve of the film.  Miss Sarah was pleasantly surprised--she really

We enjoyed a wonderful "Tropical Vacation" in the Children's Room during school vacation, but we couldn't have managed it without the help of our teens.  They came in to help with the "Matchbox Mania" event, the "Tropical Spa",  the "Stories, Songs, and Smoothies" event, and the "Tropical Dance P

Have you read any "Sweet Reads" lately---books that you LOVE, and that you think others would love, too????

When the Popcorn-eating Monsters get together, it's not all just snacks and cocoa...although there's plenty of that.  We love to talk about the books we're reading, the series we've loved, the movies we've seen, and just about everything else!  This week we also talked about making a short film t

On the third Wednesday of every month, the Popcorn-Eating Monsters Club gathers in the library to chat about books.  Oh, and to eat popcorn, too!

When you're in the young adult area of the library, make sure to look for the Isinglass Award books.

Come to the Young Adult section of the library and check out our collection of chilling fiction...whether you like to read about zombies, serial killers, or supernatural horror, we can keep you up all night...

Just look at the beautiful bracelets that were created here at the library this week...Sharon Colvin, the young-adult from the Chelmsford Library in Chelmsford, Mass., came to visit, and show us what to do. We made some amazing jewelry and had a blast doing it!

So many duct tape colors and designs to choose from...

We gathered at the library to create some amazing Duct Tape accessories--"Duct Tape Queen" Kim Goodwin showed us how to make flowers, wallets, bookmarks, bracelets...

Casey demonstrates the proper technique for making a "monster" out of a rock...

Thanks to the "Popcorn-eating Monsters" book club members, we had plenty of help at our rock-painting craft workshop today--we couldn't have done it without you guys!!